It was the golden year of 1996 when my mom (who also happens to be my #1 teacher) brought home a VHS entitled “E-I-E-I Yoga”. There was a farmer yoga instructor, kids doing yoga, and farm animals shouting out their very own reputable yoga poses. Cute, right? I was totally hooked. From that point on, yoga played varying roles in my life and although I may have veered from the path time to time, I always returned.

In 2017- two decades after my first introduction to yoga, I became a registered yoga teacher. I received my 200 hr training under Corey Wu of All Yoga: Thailand after concluding my Peace Corps service there. Becoming a yoga teacher has been one of the best decisions of my life to date.

Studying yoga, specifically Ashtanga Vinyasa (first developed by K. Pattabhi Jois ) has given me great insight into my own emotional wounds that needed healing. It has given me the tools to deal with my control issues and anxiety in a healthy way. Hallelujah! I have learned that yoga is not only about the physical daily practice of beautiful and challenging poses; but also about mastering the mind, the breath, and the spirit. Through my personal practice of poses (asanas), breathing techniques (pranayama) and meditation – I have become calm. 

I have seen the storm clouds pass; because now I have the connection – to my mind, to my body, to this very moment as I write these words. And although I have learned a great deal in my journey thus far, I have so much left to learn. We are all students of life, right?

With every class I teach,  I bring with me the tools to help others, to offer them a safe haven- where they can be themselves, where they can quiet their minds and heal their bodies. I am merely a messenger to ignite the flame within my students true selves #lit.  I approach every class the same. Whether I’m speeding things up in Ashtanga and Core Vinyasa or slowing things down in Hatha Flow and Restorative, whether it’s a full class or one-on-one…my intention is always the same; to provide a positive, light-hearted experience and guide people into a better understanding of their whole being. I wish to give every student the tools that have been passed down to me and many others; to help each of us live longer, fuller, and healthier lives.

I thank every teacher who has guided me thus far, and those I have yet to meet. Without these beautiful souls, I would still be in the dark covered with anxiety and doubt. To all the predecessors before me, to all the yogis that set forth on this path not knowing the magnitude of their knowledge and connection, thank you. The ancient tradition that is yoga has given thousands purpose and more importantly, the ability to tap into their greatest strengths and overcome every obstacle.

My greatest hope is for you to find joy, to release old negative energy and to breathe- to breathe fully and deeply. I hope you find my classes both rewarding and beneficial, and I hope you don’t mind singing – because sometimes a girls just gotta belt it out.

Join me.

Stay zen, my friends.