Welcome to Elora Allen Yoga ॐ

It’s been a while since I have written anything. And honestly, I have been putting this off for quite sometime. Ya know- fear is a funny thing. It truly is the biggest limiting factor in all of our lives- and yet we let it take control of our actions or more likely lack there of. But here it goes, I’m ready to take a leap of faith and get these fingers typing.

This blog, which I’ve so cleverly called “Yogascopics” is going to be a deep study of yoga in practice, on and off the mat. I am writing this to share with you the knowledge I have gained thru my time- past and present, as a student and as a teacher. At the same time, as of September 1st, I am setting out on a 6 month detox both physically and mentally that I am hoping will change my gut health and mental health for the better. To regain my power and heal my body, I am pairing my physical reset with a mental reset as well. I have relocated my TV, made a killer vision board, put up post-its on the cabinet and fridge reminding me of my goals, and have gotten everything together to go deep! This #2100asana journey will be my life for the next 6 months and I am ready to share it in my own way. Some of you may be asking, why the hashtag Elora? What’s up with that?

Well, heck. I’ll tell ya. Last December I was oogling at this thick book at the studio entitled 2100 Asanas. I instantly picked it up and started scanning over this detailed book of yoga postures, their Sanskrit name, their benefits and so on. A few weeks later- the ah yoga studio owner and my dear friend- Anne gave me the book as a gift. Since then, I have been constantly thinking about how I could share these postures in an accessible and fun way to yogis and yoginis of all levels.

Thus, Yogascopics is born- thru my weekly blog and YouTube tutorials I hope to gain more knowledge of this ancient practice and pass it along to all you fine people. So please, sign up, share, post, re-post — you know, the whole nine yards. #thanksinadvance

In addition, I will be offering a variety of online classes!!

Many of you have been asking for this option, so its all happening!- head over to the Energize Your Soul tab and sign up for my monthly subscription! I will be adding new classes for all levels each week that I know you’ll love! It’s just $20 a month for weekly videos and unlimited access to 60 min videos include warm ups, breath work, good vibes, a sequence for the pose of the week and savasana. I will most likely be offering some shorter classes as well- let me know what you are looking for with your at-home practice.

I am so excited to walk the path towards better health and healing. I am also beyond pumped to share it all with you! This journey has been coming together over the past 6 months, as the universe pointed me in different directions, introduced me to new ideas, and lead me to where I am now- at the beginning of a grand adventure.

In 6 months, I enter a new decade. I am determined to enter into a new chapter without the old toxic behavioral patterns my younger self set into action. I am determined to heal my gut and to come out the other side feeling my best! Ready as I’ll ever be. Let’s do this thing!