Pranayama in Practice: Traveler’s Guide

Taking your yoga practice on the road can be a struggle. Finding mat space in cramped hostels, while allowing room for others is nearly impossible. Trying to find a small patch of land in a crowded city is hard enough. However, where there is a will, there is a way. Balconies. Balconies are a god-send. I always try to book places that have some sort of courtyard, balcony, or rooftop that will serve as my yoga haven. But the easiest way, I’ve found, to add balance into the hectic traveler lifestyle is through the practice of pranayama, or breath control exercises.

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Yoga Mat Joy

Guys! Exciting news!!

After several, and boy do I mean several, years of using my dinky blue yoga mat from the 90s…I’ve upgraded. HOLLAAAA. I just wanted to write this post and tell you all about the amazing new mat I purchased from the Godsend that is I spent what seems like years researching the perfect yoga mat. Its texture, length, color, quality, slippage, and price. I read review after review about quite a few mats and finally came to the conclusion of…drumroll please…HeathYoga mat.


From the moment I rolled the Premium TPE mat out, I fell in love. First of all, it’s turquoise. Obviously, it comes in different colors, but turquoise is my absolute favorite and it makes me really happy. So there’s that.

I decided to run some tests on the mat, as any scientist would do. I practiced first on a rocky, uneven surface- to test its thickness. Then, I practiced on a carpeted area- to test its grip. I was totally stunned. This mat was thick enough AND grippy enough that I could practice on both surfaces- no. problem. With 7 mm to cushion your tush, it was no surprize.


The TPE HeathYoga mat isn’t overly bulky or big, it fits perfectly in my matbag, yet it packs a whole lot of punch! The underbelly grips to any surface with ease and the topside is perfect! With easy-to-see midline, hand and foot placement lines and a non-slip surface, it really is a fantastic mat. For me, non-slip is superrrrrrr important, not only for my form but also so I don’t fall on my face. I’ve done a lot of that in my past and am trying to avoid it at all costs. Seeing as I am a heavy sweater, I mean everywhere. I sweat so much. My nose sweats. Like, WHY?!


Anyhow, the best part about this mat is the price tag. All this high density, lightweight, non-slip, eco-friendly goodness had to cost me a fortune, right? WRONG, this thing was only $32. AND Amazon prime members get free, two-day shipping. You can’t beat that. I am so, so, SO pleased with my purchase and I feel like this mat is going to be by my side wherever I go!